Be more confident about disability

Disability confident

People are affected by disability in many different ways. Let’s work together to break down some communication barriers, challenge a few assumptions and become more confident about disability. Let’s put an end to feeling awkward about interacting with people for fear of doing the wrong thing.

Even though two people may have a similar condition or disability, they are unlikely to have the same needs or experience of disability, or require identical strategies and adjustments to support them.  Rather than make assumptions about the impact of someone's disability or condition, ask them what assistance or accommodations they need.


What can you do?

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Australian Network on Disability – Norton Rose Fulbright is a member

Business Disability Forum (UK) – Norton Rose Fulbright is a member

SenseAbility in Canada – Norton Rose Fulbright is a member

One in four of today's 20 year-olds, will become disabled before they retire (International Labour Organisation)
386 million working age people have a disability (International Labour Organisation)
45 countries have anti-discrimination and other disability specific laws
70 percent of disabilities are not visible
15 percent (1 billion) of people globally experience some form of disability (United Nations)
World's largest minority are people with disabilities
Two thirds of people with a disability in the US say they would like to work but can’t
47 percent of people in the UK with a disability can’t find work
50 percent of accommodations and adjustments don't cost anything (US Department of Labour, 2010)